【 浮世絵の自然観 】長野県松本市

【 浮世絵の自然観 】①


【 浮世絵の自然観 】④

【 浮世絵の自然観 】③



Beauties of nature in Ukiyo-e Sunday, April, 1, – Sunday, June, 24, 2018

The Japanese phrase “Kachōfūgetsu (literally flowers, birds, the wind and the moon)” means beauties of nature or elegant pleasures such as appreciating and composing poems about it, which has been one of the major themes of art since the old days.

The exhibition features beauties of nature depicted in Ukiyo-e especially in landscape pictures and portraits of beautiful women. Beauties of nature, a theme in traditional paintings of landscapes or flowers and birds, is also frequented in Ukiyo-e of landscapes or beautiful women. The landscapes and seasonal events depicted in these Ukiyo-e tell how people cherished and enjoyed the changing of the seasons. We hope you will feel and turn your thoughts to the people’s view of nature in the Edo period, such as sensitivity towards the changing of the four seasons and finding charm in it. @ Matsumoto, Nagano

【 浮世絵の自然観 】②